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“Peggie Black’s voice has a saucy ‘Come up and see me sometime.’ flair that laces each note with plenty of double entendres." Mark Faulkner, Florida Times Union. Peggie is a renowned singer of "The Great American Songbook," and has garnered rave reviews from audiences for her witty, sophisticated performances. The jazz standards of Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Ellingtion, to name a few, come to life with Peggie’s velvety voice and unique connection with her audience.  Not only is Peggie steeped in the juices of the great instrumentalists of jazz but, as a vocalist, Peggie gives special attention to the lyrics written for these tunes.  She ties them all together with  stories of the amazing personalities of jazz.  Peggie graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music from the nationally acclaimed jazz program at the University of North Florida.


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Peggie Black, 2010 Jacksonville Jazz Festival

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